Digital Coaxial Cable Buyers Guide

Digital Coaxial CableA digital coaxial cable is an audio cable designed to transmit a digital multi channel sound signal from an appropriate source like a DVD player to a home cinema amplifer so you get get the benefit of digital surround sound.

Digital Coaxial cables have a standard RCA (phono) plug on each end and plug securely into the relevant devices. Because the cable essentially carries an electrical signal they can be made very robustly and are often much tougher than other audio cables like a digital optical cable and have therefore found favour with home cinema enthusiasts who welcome the extra resilience they offer.

Because the cable and plug is slightly thicker than an optical cable they can be slightly more inflexible when running the around corners and through holes, so you may need to factor this is when calculating how long you need your cable. Remember to add enough length so you can pull your devices out to gain access to the rear, but not so long that you will have to coil it up at the back.

A digital optical cable is an alternative choice and performs the same job as a digital coaxial cable but can be better over longer cable runs. They both transfer sound from your DVD or Blu-ray player, to your home cinema amplifier and whilst the sound quality difference is negligible, there are some advantages that a digital coaxial cable will offer over a digital optical cable which may be important to you:

  • Digital coaxial cables tend to be thicker and tougher that optical cables so they are less prone to damage;
  • The connection is also more secure than an optical cable so there is less likelihood of it being pulled out accidently.

Where to buy Digital Coaxial Cables

Digital Coaxial Cables are available from a number of online retailers including:

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