Keep control of your devices – even in the cold

Touch Screen GlovesThere’s nothing better than watching a movie on a dark and cold winters night, and they’re always more enjoyable in a warm and cosy environment, but with heating bills on the rise, some of us may have to resort to desperate measures just to keep our bills down. We clearly can’t save money by turning our home cinema systems off, so what better way to save energy than by wrapping up?

The problem when you’re layered up in gloves though is that it makes using touchscreen remote controls and smartphones almost impossible. This is where you need a special pair of gloves, such as Touch Screen Gloves.

We’ve had our eye on these types of gloves for a while, but they’ve always been expensive – these particular ones retail at only £4.99 so they won’t break the bank.

Although not particularly thick they will still be warm enough for most conditions, and reasonably grippy. We did have a few nervous moments with some of the more glossy devices such as the iPad but generally they held on to objects well.

More importantly, they also work. The material is thin enough to make touching smaller elements on touchscreen remote controls easy, and links on apps and websites on smartphones didn’t pose a problem either. The gloves were surprisingly effective and were always responsive.

Of course, you won’t (we hope) be using these indoors much, but you get where we’re coming from!

The gloves are available from Paramount Zone for £4.99, who also supplied us with the pair we tested.

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