Sony HT-IS100 Playing Hard To Get

Sony HT-IS100With it’s tiny golf ball sized speakers, the Sony HT-IS100 is one of the cutest home cinema speaker systems around at the moment, and with its looks backed up by its sparkling performance, it’s not hard to see why it is so popular.

However, even with a price of around £450 it still seems to be selling by the bucket load, and many retailers have sold out again, Currently, the only online store that has it in stock is Amazon with a price of £379.99. Only a few days ago they were not available at the big retailer so it looks like they have had a delivery which is great news – but only Amazon know how many they have had, and how long their stock will last.

We’ll continue to scout around to find retailers, and the best prices, but a word of warning – if this is the speaker system you really want, we advise to get in and buy now!

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