To Order, or Not To Order Your Home Cinema System – That Is The Question

SantaThe snowy weather has played havoc with the postal service and couriers recently and many have struggled to get their orders despatched to us waiting customers in the run up to Christmas. Even Amazon have announced today that they are not guaranteeing Christmas deliveries, and this is a couple of days earlier than normal.

If you’re buying a home cinema system or Blu-ray player, it would normally make sense to wait until all the problems were over, and place your order in January. However, with the impending VAT increase to 20% on the 4th January, you’re likely to see prices going up on electrical equipment, so what do you do?

Taking both of these issues into account, we’d still advise you to place your order now. Whilst it is highly unlikely you’ll get your glossy new electrical goods before Christmas, you will be saving that extra few quid on the prices, and as a result you’ll be able to add a Blu-ray or DVD onto your order as well!

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