A few changes at Lovefilm

LOVEFiLM logoLOVEFiLM have made a few changes to their offering – nothing major, but worth bringing to your attention all the same.

The first thing they’re doing is to simplify the log in process.

As you know, LOVEFiLM is now owned by Amazon, so rather than maintain separate accounts and log-ins, LOVEFiLM are encouraging all customers to merge their accounts. This means you’ll only ever have to remember your normal Amazon log-in rather than any others. We can’t imagine this will cause a problem for most people – so it’s something that’s worth doing.

The second is that games will now only be offered online – there will be no further discs available.

This will be a disappointment for many, especially those with slower internet connections who find downloading and playing online difficult, if not impossible. With the demise of Blockbuster from many of our High Streets as well, the places available to rent games from has decreased dramatically.

We expect, and hope, that the disc based service continues for films and TV though. Netflix are seeing great success in the UK with their on-line only service – they reported 1 million subscribers back in August 2012 – but slow internet connectivity is still a problem for many tens of thousands of homes so physical discs are still very important.

LOVEFiLM are still offering a 30 day free trial if you haven’t given their service a go yet.

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