Onkyo TX-NR509 Network AV Receiver

The Onkyo TX-NR509 has been redesigned with some exciting new features for its 2011 release. This 5.1 Channel A/V receiver can now stream files from your computer as well as internet radio sources such as Last.Fm, Napster, vTuner, and others. Setting up the system is also much simpler than in previous models, as the new Audyssey 2EQ adapts the system for proper use in the room it is set up in, taking into account the acoustic and spatial features of its environment. The Onkyo TX-NR509 has also added integration with high definition 3D Video through its HDMI connection as well as a new front panel USB port also allow access by an array of devices, including IPod players. The overlaid On-Screen Display is connected via this HDMI source and makes quick adjustments of your audiovisual sources even simpler. Also included is a Zone 2 line output, which allows you to send a stereo signal to speakers set up in a different room. The Onkyo TX-NR509 has four HDMI inputs for high definition video and Dolby and DTS audio playback as well as two digital optical inputs for older digital audio sources. These new inputs have been expanded from the 2010 model to include full integration of high fidelity audio visual sources. Hook the device up to your computer and stream whatever you wish. The internal firmware of the receiver is constantly being updated, and can be updated through a USB connection and internet connectivity. Fortunately, one thing that Onkyo has not changed about its new TX-NR509 A/V receiver is its price. The device is available for a street price of around £350. With all of the inputs included, and compatibility with a wide variety of devices, including your computer and internet radio, this is a great price. This device can easily become your high fidelity all in one package for home entertainment, even with your eye on value.

What to consider before you buy the Onkyo TX-NR509

The NR509 is an extra £100 or so over the entry level TX-SR309 but you do get a whole lot more features. If you think you can do without the network capability or Audyssey auto set up then the entry level a less expensive option. You will need a physical network connection for this amplifier.

Why you should buy the Onkyo TXNR509 Home Cinema Receiver

It was only last year that Onkyo's entry level network AV receiver was twice the price of this model - which shows how far audio streaming has come in a year. This years model even looks great too, with the familiar retro looks being replaced by a much sleeker and modern look. The NR509 is a great all rounder and with the number of connection options on the rear and front, as well as the network capability, make it a great option for anyone looking to upgrade, or for their first home cinema amplifier. Highly recommended. Rating: 4.5/5

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