LG HT762TZ DVD Home Cinema System Review

The LG HT762TZ Home Cinema System is the bigger brother to the LG HT462DZ which is an identical looking system but only comes with 2 front speakers and a sub-woofer, using virtual surround sound trickery to add the feeling of depth. Whilst the system performed very well, we couldn’t help but think that the system would have sounded a whole lot better with the extra physical speakers.

The HT762 does just that, it adds in an additional 2 ‘tallboy’ speakers the same design as the fronts, and an all important front centre speaker to concentrate on the voices. The HT762 also adds a 10.1 virtual surround sound option with its ‘VSM’ feature. The system overall is an improvement on the HT462 with the extra speakers providing much more of an impact, and at 700W in total it can really blast out the sound when it wants to. The 10.1 virtual surround sound option is surprisingly good and sounds slightly more involving than the 5.1 system.

The DVD player is capable of 1080p upscaling and performs very well with pretty much every disc you can throw at it. The HDMI connection on rear of the player provides the digital connection to your television, and with its DIVX capable player, USB port and RDS radio on board, the HT762 can become pretty much the hub of your system.

What to consider before you buy the LG HT762TZ Home Cinema System

The ‘champagne flute’ shaped speakers looks may not suit everyones tastes but we rather like them. Also we would have liked to have seen a iPod dock on the player as well as the USB socket.
Why you should buy the LG HT462TZ Home Cinema System

Ideally suited to a larger room, the LG is a stylish and great sounding home cinema system.
Rating: 4/5

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