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Cinema Paradiso logoThe online DVD and Blu-ray rental market is dominated by Blockbuster and Lovefilm. Both companies are very established in the marketplace, have a huge range of movies and games to choose from, and are great providers.

The other main contender though is a lesser known brand called Cinema Paradiso, who we had the pleasure to be able to trial for a few months earlier this year. We have updated our online DVD rental page following the review, but here are some of the things we liked…

  • Less choice, but higher quality films
    If you’re a movie buff, you’ll be delighted with the wide range of films they supply – as well as all the latest blockbuster movies you would expect, the choice of world cinema is better than the other big providers.
  • Nicely written movie descriptions and reviews
    The service attracts more serious movie buffs, so not only are the films descriptions well written, but the customer reviews also tend to be thoughtfully composed as well.
  • All the recent Universal Pictures movies
    Following the ongoing dispute with Universal Pictures, Lovefilm do not rent any post 2009 films from the distributor. Cinema Paradiso are able to supply recent films like Bridesmaids, Paul as well as Kick Ass and Public Enemies.
  • Disc Credits Rollover
    We also liked the fact that Cinema Paradiso’s 3 and 4 disc a month package allows you to rollover your credits to the next month if you have not used them. Ideal if you’ve been away on holiday and you want to catch up with some serious film watching the next month!

As well as prompt disc deliveries, we also found the customer service to be very good too. So we’d be very happy to recommend Cinema Paradiso – they have a free trial available on their website so you’ve nothing to lose!

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