How Things Have Changed

Image of chair and home cinema control padIf we look back 10 years at technology we start to see how far things have come on since.
In real life terms 10 years is not very long but when it comes to technology 10 years is a life time. Take home cinemas as an example – the advancements made here are remarkable as the early cinema systems were quite low powered and didn’t really offer a true cinema experience. Today this has all changed as many home cinema systems are fully interactive with other media appliances in our homes. Gone are the days when we walked to the TV to change channels as homes now have remote controls that can control many different things in the home like lights, heating, curtains and many different types of media devices. Often these controls are controlled by a central control pad so eliminating the use of lots of different controls.

Modern houses are now designed with technology in mind, in this ever-changing environment our homes now have to keep up with all things high tech. The designs of many homes now incorporate designs that are aesthetically appealing not just functional. The designers of the technology that go into these homes have realised that more and more people would rather have entertainment at home rather than having to go out to a cinema complex. The advancement in home cinema technology has really taken off since the introduction of Plasma and LCD TV’s. This technology has allowed the TV’s to get bigger but at the same time improving picture quality, for instance, ilife’s bespoke home cinema delivers all your needs for entertainment and comfort at your own home. As the price of cinema tickets are always on the rise and the price of HDTV is tumbling everyday, it can clearly be seem why the popularity of having cinema access at home is on the increase.

This kind of improvement has makes the home cinema experience far better than it used to be. That said we can’t forget that the basic 2.1 system had its advantages as there is no need to trail wires all around the house to complete the sound of a 5.1 system. Many of today’s xanax brand prices systems are wireless so this problem has now been eradicated. Now in 2011 we have seen a rise in the 3D arena, although we still have to wear glasses to get the 3D effect, many of the top brands have started to produce 3D TV’s. This has been great news for those that are into films at home as now the cinema can not offer anything that you can’t get at home for a cheaper price. To get an all singing and all dancing home cinema system in your home doesn’t need to be expensive but you can spend the money on state of the art equipment if you so desire.

Home cinema has really now broken into the mainstream with many homes now supporting some form of home digital TV. It has now got to the stage whereby people are now improving on what they have and going for more individual systems. So let’s see what happens in the next 10 years.

This is a guest post written by iLifeSolutions – providers of bespoke home entertainment and home automation projects.

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