Samsung HT-C450 DVD Home Cinema System

The Samsung HT-C450 is a 5.1 DVD home cinema system with a single purpose – to provide the features you really need to enjoy the full surround sound experience in your home, at a great price. It is aimed at those who are new to home cinema and want something simple, or who don’t want to spend a great deal of money on a system, or just like their speakers to be compact and discreet. Whatever, the Samsung HTC450 will suit these purposes easily.

Samsung HT-C450 DVD Home Cinema SystemThe Samsung HT-C450 is a fairly good looking system with Samsungs unique style coming across in the simple yet stylish design. The main DVD player and amplifier unit is sleek, yet looks like it means business and the speakers tell a similar story with a pleasant gloss black finish adding to the overall effect. The front speakers are slightly bigger than the rear speakers, but only by 40mm (1.5”), with the centre speaker being 360mm wide and only 74mm high which should make it easy to sit below your television. The all important sub-woofer is not surprisingly the biggest but at 155mm wide and 350mm high, it should still be easy to position. These compact speakers are unsurprisingly not the most powerful but they still manage to output a respectable 500W which should be enough for all but large rooms – the Sony DAV-DZ330 offers more power with 1000W, but is more expensive.

The Samsung HT-C450 also has a nice range of features with Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II and Divx compatibility as standard. Other features like the ‘CD Ripping’ function are also useful – simply insert an audio CD, and you can copy the tracks to your USB MP3 player. Other features like Anynet +, which enables you to use one remote control for all your Samsung audio video devices, also make things a little bit easier.

Setting the Samsung HT-C450 up should be straightforward too – the system is supplied with all the speaker cable you need, and you simply connect it to the spring terminals on the speaker end, and insert the colour coded plug at the device end. And if you were worrying about getting the sound and picture right – don’t be. Everything is menu driven on your television screen, and Samsung’s BD Wise technology will make sure that your HDMI-connected Samsung components are showing the best picture possible without you having to do all the tweaking.

What to consider before you buy the Samsung HT-C450XEU

There are not many connection options on this system, with analogue stereo and an single optical being your only choices – but these should suit all but the most demanding user – and still allow a games console to be connected.

Why you should buy the Samsung HT-C450

Value and style are the main things to say about this system – the HT-C450 might not be at the cutting edge of home cinema systems, but with value this good, you can’t go far wrong. Rating: 4/5

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  1. We have a Sky+ box connected to a Toshiba REGZA LV665DB 40″ TV via a scart lead and a PS3 via one of 4 HDMI inputs. The TV has an Optical digital sound output ONLY. Am I right in thinking I could connect this sound system to the TV via a spare HDMI cable to listen to surround sound from the DVD but I could connect the TV to the sound system via the optical lead input so we can listen to Sky TV/Digital TV and PS3 sound through the speakers aswell?? Our aim is to listen to all the sound through the speakers not just the TV.. Thanks

  2. Yes, that should be possible.

  3. Paul Walsh says:

    bought this system along with HDMI and optical cables to link Sky+ box. Cant get to get surround sound thougH only with DVD. Am I doing something wrong? Frustrated!

    1. Have you enabled the Dolby Digital surround sound setting on your Sky+ box?

  4. Trapstarr says:

    I bought this system hoping to mount the rear speakers on speaker mounts on the wall but there is no screw holes on the back of the speaker to fix it to the bracket. Any ideas how you can mount these speakers on the wall?

    1. You can either get some stands for the, or some smaller speaker brackets. The speakers are faitly lightweight so you shouldn’t have any problems finding any from Amazon.

  5. david jones says:

    when playing a dvd through my samsung ht c450 home cinema unit two or three times it will pause for about 15 – 30 seconds then carry on , is this normal as it doesnt seem to happen on any other dvd player i have
    thank you

  6. Sam Jones says:

    I’ve recently purchased this home cinema system and found the quality superb when using the dvd player. I’ve tried to play my TV, also a samsung, through it (to watch the built in freeview) but i cant get it to work! Ive currently connected the system by HDMI, but i also have an optical cable that i have plugged into my tv but i cant get it to fit in the optical ‘port’ in the back of the DVD player! ive read elsewhere that this may be an issue but I am unsure what to try next! any ideas?


    1. Silly question, but have you removed the protective cap off the end of the optical cable, and the protective plug from the optical socket on the system?

  7. Allan says:

    Hi. I have a Toshiba Regza 40″ tv and Sky+ HD box plus a Toshiba Blu-Ray player. I have been looking at this model to compliment these but am trying to understand the possible wiring.
    If I only had the TV & Sky box I believe I would use optical connection from Sky to Home Cinema and HDMI from Home Cinema to TV but how can I add the blu ray player?
    Could I connect the Sky and blu-ray player by HDMI cables direct to the tv and then connect the tv to the Home cinema via optical cable without losing much in quality and effect – or is there an easier / better method?

  8. Wayne Murray says:

    The Samsung HT C450 surround system has a long delay at times before it kicks in you just have to be patient. Check your optical leads as well. They should be a fairly good fit not floppy.

  9. Andy simpson says:

    I recently bought this system and i’m having a problem switching between the sources, if i’m playing my xbox or watching tv with the sound coming through the optical cable when i switch back to the dvd player and switch to the correct hdmi input on my tv i get sound but no picture. I’ve even had the dvd player swapped as I thought it was faulty but this one does the same. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  10. Roy says:

    I bought this sound system along with a samsung 7 series 3D tv. I have my xbox connected via hdmi my home cinema by hdmi and have a optical cable connected from home cinema to tv. And when I play the xbox I get no sound. Play a DVD in home cinema it works fine.

  11. Lynn says:

    I have a slight hearing problem particularly when watching films broadcast on my Samsung LE32A559P4F TV via Sky. Will the Samsung HT C450 enhance the TV sound output particularly by separating the voice from the music background?

  12. Oli says:

    I am currently thinking of purchasing this item however could someone please tell me how long the speaker cable is on the speakers and whether it is possible to make it longer easier?

  13. Rizwaan says:

    Hi, I am thinking of buying this product and I am a newcomer to surround sound. How could I make the sound come out of the speakers and not the Tv when watching tv and playing ps3? Thanks

  14. Andrew says:

    Hi – I may buy one of these today if you get back to me soon enough.

    Can I listen to a digibox through it in surround sound? All I want is to listen to dvd in surround (check) virgin media ( ? ) and usb avi files ( ? )



    1. This has a single optical input so as long as your Virgin box has an output, you should be okay.

  15. Ali says:

    Hi, will this system be able to play my blu-ray, sky hd and computer music through it? Thanks.

  16. Hi purchased this system about 4 months ago but have only just got round to trying to use the DVD, which keeps stating it cannot find the DVD, even through there is one in the machine, any ideas ??

  17. Nitesh says:

    Hi, Recently purchase this system. can you please let me know how to play MP3 from my USB without keeping the TV (samsung PSD450) on.

  18. I’ve connected The HT-C450 up to my Samsung D6530 TV (via optical cable) and get no sound through the TV into the speakers.
    I’ve gone into the sound setting and selected external speakers – no sound.

    Any suggestions?

  19. Resolved the issue by setting the DVD player to D-In mode
    Sound now going to the surround. TV Speakers are selected (no external speakers selected). Also had to select the Dolby button on the DVD control.

  20. bobc says:

    I have had this system for about 6 months all was fine until I suddenly stopped recieving voice over the surround sound. Effects and background voices still come through. Is this a fault on the optical cable?

  21. Emily says:

    Hello, I bought this surround sound about 2 years ago and have never had a problem until today, I was watching a DVD on it and it suddenly stopped and when I tried retrieving the DVD it wouldn’t open, the tv wouldnt recognise it and the surround sound doesn’t work! How long are these meant to last? And is there anything u can suggest? Thanks

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