LG HT462DZ Home Cinema System Review

The LG HT462DZ is a 2.1 DVD Home Cinema System giving a ‘virtual’ surround sound effect from only 2 speakers and a subwoofer. This is always going to be a compromise but if you don’t have or don’t want to make room for a centre and two rear surround sound speakers, the HT 462 deserves a further look.

The LG HT462DZ comes with a DVD Player that also acts as a surround sound processor so cuts down on the amount of devices you need to find room for. At 430mm wide by 70mm it is the same width and a similar height to most normal DVD players, and the subwoofer is impressively small at only 165mm wide meaning it should be easy to site.

LG HT462DZ Home Cinema SystemThe speakers themselves are nearly 1.3m high and have obviously been designed so they are at the optimum height for when the viewer is seated. This ensures that the higher notes go directly to the ear and are not absorbed by the soft furnishings in the room. When on the stands, the speakers look a little unstable at first view, but they are sturdy enough, and the speakers are light enough that this isn’t a problem in practice. The actual look of the speakers is going to suit some home decor better than others, but they don’t look offensive, and the black finish ensure that can blend in a little if you need them to, but we think they’d look better on full show. The speakers are easy to connect and have colour coded connections, and the unit also has an HDMI socket on the rear for connection to your television.

The LG HT462DZ is a 2.1 system and without the rear or centre speakers the system relies upon a ‘Virtual Sound Matrix’ to create the surround sound effect. Whilst the effect is not as good as dedicated rear speakers (the LG HT762DZ can provide those) , the system still did a pretty decent job and despite the relative small size of the subwoofer, the LG HT462DA is an accomplished system giving a much needed boost to action movies especially. LG have made a big deal about this system being specially tuned by the American sound tuning guru, Mark Levinson, and unless you had heard the system before it would be difficult to tell exactly what impact he had made, but he seems to have got the balance about right whatever.
The DVD player performs well especially with its 1080p upscaling, and the system will also be a nice music system, especially with its built in RDS radio.

What to consider before you buy the LG HT462DZ Home Cinema System

Some may be put off by the speaker design, but we quite liked them and they performed well.

Why you should buy the LG HT462DZ Home Cinema System

Ideally suited to a smaller room, the LG will add a much needed boost to your home movies.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. dean says:

    I also like the SAMSUNG HT-X720GT which costs just a little more

  2. dusty says:

    Can these speakers pick up sound from the TV or a Freesat box or just DVD and radio

  3. stephen moody says:

    can i connect my i pod to the system?

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