Lindy HDMI Splitter 2 Port

Lindy HDMI Splitter 2 PortIf you have room for a television and a projector, or two screens, then supplying both of them with a high definition digital signal can be a problem. Sources like Blu-ray players normally only have one HDMI output, so to supply two screens you’d have to to use the component output as well. However, the Sky HD box doesn’t even have a component output so if you watch BBC HD on your television but like to watch the big match on your projector, then you either have to keep swapping the HDMI cable over, or invest in a Lindy HDMI splitter.

The Lindy 2 Port HDMI splitter is a neat compact box that accepts a single HDMI input, and will pass through a full hd 1080p signal to two HDMI outputs. Fully HDMI 1.3b compatible, the Lindy 2 Port HDMI Splitter is good for up to around a 20m overall distance, so you can run a 10m HDMI cable to the splitter, and a 10m cable from the splitter to give you that little bit more flexibility in positioning. The splitter is HDCP compliant so you have all the support you need, and with a three year warranty you have peace of mind for a few years too.

What to consider before you buy the Lindy HDMI Splitter

The only downside to an HDMI splitter is the price, but if you need the extra connection flexibility, it is still one of the cheaper options.

Why you should buy the Lindy HDMI Splitter

If an HDMI splitter will solve your connection woes, then the Lindy 2 port is one of your best choices and is a high quality and good value option. Rating: 5/5

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