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The HDJuiceBox Revisited


Image of the HDJuiceBox componentsJust over a year ago we reviewed the HDJuiceBox – a clever box of tricks that can send an HDMI signal through the power cables in your house. Basically, a homeplugs type solution but for an AV signal instead of a network signal.

This can potentially solve some huge problems when trying to view video in different rooms, even on different floors, from the original source. You simply plug the devices in and it saves you having to run more cables through your house. We found the system worked very well indeed, and was definitely one of those devices that could be worth it’s weight in gold.

The makers of the HDJuiceBox, JustHDMI, have informed us that the box has recently been updated. It’s not a major overhaul because, the box didn’t really need it but they have made some improvements to the firmware, and also removed some of the legacy connections (S-Video, Phono, RGB) and made it HDMI only. This has meant they list price has reduced slightly as well from £399 to £379.

The HDJuiceBox kit is available to buy from their website.

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