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JVC TH-U1 Front Surround DVD Home Cinema System


Finished in black, the system comprises a dvd player with a built in amplifier, 3 speakers and a subwoofer. This will give you front surround effects, so you will miss out on the rear effects, but at least you will have the important part of the sound stage covered.


The speakers themselves are quite farily lightweight but quite well made. All 3 speakers and the sub plug into the rear of the unit with spring clips. The 3 speakers are wall mountable which is pretty standard for the surround speakers, but more unusual for the centre speaker. It does mean that if you have a wall mounted LCD or Plasma as you can mount the centre speaker directly underneath. The black colour also helps match them to todays LCD and Plasma screens, and is a bit easier to hide around the room than silver. You can also add optional additional rear surround sound speakers to the unit if you wish to get the full surround sound.

DVD Player/Amplifier

The unit itself is also finished in black and is quite attractive in a subtle sort of way. It has the usual array of features as you would expect, but also the rather neat addition of a USB socket, so you can plug in a USB storage device and play music directly from that. There is no HDMI, so it is scart buy antibiotics pets online only, but this shouldn’t be a problem for an SD player.


All in all a pretty decent buy. Don’t expect it to blow you away, but as an easy way to make your movies and sport more enjoyable, you can’t go far wrong.

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