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New 2010 Panasonic Blu-ray Players


Panasonic 2010 Blu-ray PlayersPanasonic have always been at the forefront of Blu-ray technology, producing some of the best and most highly regarded players available. The new range of 2010/11 Blu-ray players sees Panasonic aim to continue that trend with two direct replacements and a brand new budget model all with a slight, but welcome facelift.

The new entry level player, the DMP-BD45 offers all the important aspects of Blu-ray at a new lower cost price. However, to achieve this price Panasonic have had to leave out BD-LIVE support which may bother some but overall it makes a great budget player.

The DMP-BD65 replaces the popular BD60 but adds on a few additional features such as the option to make it wireless with an additional dongle. The BD65 is is likely to remain one of the most popular players because of its mix of the right features for a decent price.

The top of the range DMP-BD85 has all the features of the other models but with built in wireless connectivity and a wealth of connection options making it ideal for those of us who want the ultimate flexibility. Even though the BD85 can play some files over a wireless network it isn’t a media streamer but it does make accessing BD-LIVE content much easier.

Overall the new range of players sees some welcome new features and we’re sure that Panasonic will remain one of the most sought after brands in Blu-ray.

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