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With a huge selection of Bluetooth speakers already available, how does the pretty SoundFace stand out in the already large crowd?

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Another stunning looking set of speakers from Edifier, but can the Luna Eclipse speaker set deliver the sound quality to match?

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Every year there seems to be a model in the Sony range of home cinema systems that ticks all the boxes – could the BDV-N590 be that model?

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The Tannoy HTS 101 speakers sit in a sought after price bracket, and have a great deal of brand heritage to support them – but do they have the performance and looks to match the pedigree?

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The top of the range Humax Foxsat HDR allows you to watch, pause and rewind live tv, and to record up to 80 hours of beautiful high definition programmes – all without an ongoing monthly fee.

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With increased storage and an HDMI and optical outputs, the Humax PVR-9300T is a seriously good digital Freeview recorder.

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