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Costing a good chunk more than the S1000DB, the S2000 Pro should be much better in most respects – but are they good enough to justify the additional outlay?

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The Luna Eclipse HD speakers are just as visually striking as the classics they replace, but what do they offer over the original?

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A striking pair of active bookshelf speakers with a good range of connection options, incredible bass and trebles but mediocre mid-range.

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Edifier have impressed us with their large range of speakers in the past, but how does this sleek minimal soundbar compare?

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An impressive speaker package offering a “one box” solution to those who want impressive surround sound, from their existing set up.

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Edifier shows us another example of their stunning speaker designs with the Prisma Encore E3360BT, a 2.1 Bluetooth enabled set of desktop speakers.

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The main downside of modern slim TV’s is that the sound is, if anything, worse than their predecessors – so what can you do to improve this?

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To ensure you receive the best home cinema experience possible, here are our top three tips on how to improve the sound quality of your speakers.

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The Edifier M3280BT are a smart looking set of 2.1 speakers with dual RCA inputs and Bluetooth connectivity, making them flexible enough for a variety of uses.

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The Edifier R2000DB speakers are powerful and capable studio/gaming speakers, wrapped up in an attractive package – but are they worth the extra over the R1700BT?

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Ideally suited to multimedia professionals, video producers, or just serious gamers, the Edifier R1700BT speakers produce a sound that defies their competitive price.

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