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LG AN-WF100 Wi-Fi Dongle

The LG AN-WF100 is a USB Wifi dongle that enables many of LG’s televisions and Blu-ray players to be able to access the NetCast and other online content.

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Image of LG AN-WF100 Wi-Fi Dongle

LG AN-WF100 Wi-Fi Dongle

by on July 28th, 2010 | Comment | Share

The LG AN-WF100 is a USB Wifi dongle that enables many of LG’s televisions and Blu-ray players to be able to access the NetCast and Blu-ray BD-Live content wirelessly, without the need to connect a network cable.

LG AN-WF100 Wi-Fi DongleAs we see with many devices these days, running a Ethernet network cable from your router or broadband modem can be very difficult indeed, and if you have your television wall mounted you’ve either got to hide the cable in the wall or in trunking, or put up with it being visible.

This is where dongles like the LG AN-WF100 come in as they allow you to connect wirelessly.

As Wi-Fi dongles go, the LG AN-WF100 is an attractive enough device – not that it really matters because the dongle is going to be out of sight when it is plugged into the rear of your television or Blu-ray player. However, it does at least give you a little bit of comfort that the dongle has been well designed and made, especially considering the relative high cost of the device.

Usage is simple – simply plug the dongle into your device and the built in drivers should pick it up straightaway and ask you to select and connect to the available networks.

What to consider…

It should really have been included with many devices (such as the flagship LG 55LX9900 television), and the cost is a little high for what it is.

Why you should buy the LG AN-WF100 Wi-Fi Dongle

Fully compatible with selected televisions and Blu-ray players in the LG range, this USB wifi dongle is an expensive, but increasingly vital addition to your home entertainment devices. Rating: 4/5

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3 Comments to “LG AN-WF100 Wi-Fi Dongle”

Alayna Robins on January 5, 2011 said:

Hi There

Subject: LG AN-WF100 Wifi Dongle

I have a 42LD490 42″ Full HD LCD TV and Virgin wireless broadband. Will the LG AN-WF100 Wifi Dongle work with my TV ?


Phil on September 16, 2012 said:


I have a LG 42″ TV Model LW570S 3D Smart TV. Will the AN-WF100 Dongle work with this model.



Stefan on February 8, 2014 said:

Alayna Robins did you bought the wifi dongle ?
Does it work with your tv ?
And where do u plug it in?

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