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Another fully featured, yet good value home cinema system from Samsung that is bound to prove popular with those new to home cinema, and those who are upgrading – but is it money well spent?

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You need a good reason to upgrade your home cinema system each year, especially in these austere times. But Samsung, with their latest HT-D5500, might just have given you some compelling reasons do so.

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Whilst the Samsung LE40C530 is a no frills LCD television, it does have a couple of worthy things going for it: full HD 1080p resolution, and a truly fantastic price tag.

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Compatible with most of Samsungs 2010 range of home cinema systems the SWA-5000 receiver gives you the convenience of cable free wireless rear speakers.

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The Samsung PS50C6900 is a 50″ 3D ready plasma television with the quality and performance to make 3D Blu-ray movies look their very best when they finally arrive.

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This 3D Ready Blu-ray player from Samsung has a very good range of features most of which centre around it’s online capabilities – which are comprehensive to say the least.

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The Samsung HT-C5500 is a full 5.1 Blu-ray home cinema system with discreet but powerful speakers, two HDMI inputs and is wireless ready.

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The Samsung LE40C580J1 is a 40“ LCD television offering a good compromise between features and price and with Freeview HD built in.

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The Samsung HT-C5200 is essentially a two speaker version of the very popular HT-C5500 but tries to do a similar job with virtual surround sound, and of course saves you a lot of money too.

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The Samsung HT-C6500 shares many features with the other Blu-ray systems in the 2010 range, but the differences with this model are worthwhile, and could end up making it a better value buy.

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The Samsung HW-C470 is a slim soundbar that is ideal for those of us who want the surround sound experience, but also the ease of set up and convenience of easy positioning that only a soundbar can provide – and then makes it even easier still.

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