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Image of a popcorn maker and flavouringsThe latest essential home cinema device has just arrived at Home Cinema Buyer towers, and we’ve had great pleasure giving it the once over.

Is it a new receiver? The latest full high definition projector? A swanky new touch screen remote control? No, it’s a top of the range popcorn maker!

As you know, we believe many different elements go into making the whole home cinema experience such an enjoyable one – so everything from the choice of film, the surround sound quality, to the choice of food and drink all has a bearing on the pleasure it brings. And what food is more associated with film, than popcorn?

We’ll post a full review later, but to whet your appetite, we’ll start by saying that this isn’t a simple air blown machine, but a full kettle based, professional machine that looks as good as the popcorn it produces. The seller, JM Posner, also sent us some popcorn flavourings – which were a big hit too.

Overall a very fun evening was spent testing the machine and sampling the flavourings – so much so we almost forgot to watch the film the popcorn was supposed to accompany!

The popcorn maker, flavourings and popcorn are all available to buy from JM Posner.

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