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Sony BDV-E870 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The Sony BDV-E870 is a powerful and well designed Blu-ray home cinema system, with taller front speakers to help make getting the right set up easier.

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Image of Sony BDV-E870 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Sony BDV-E870 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

by on June 22nd, 2010 | Comment | Share

The Sony BDV-E870 is identical in every way to the popular Sony BDV-E370 – the only difference with this model is the tallboy front speakers compared to the smaller front satellite speakers of the 370. The tall front speakers of the BDVE870 will help make getting the optimum listening position easier as they are designed to be the right height for most people’s ear level whilst sitting down – 1.2m in this case. The power output and speaker driver size is the same though, and whilst you pay a little extra for the height benefit, the price difference is about the same as a decent pair of speaker stands, and you get the complete seamless look to boot. The subwoofer does output more power though bringing the total power output of the system up to 1000w.

The Sony BDV-E870 then has all the same features so as it smaller speakered brother, and it is quite a list. The system is capable of being wireless (with the optional UWA-BR100 USB dongle) so you can enjoy all the online content on Blu-ray discs withough having to physically connect a cable to the player, and it’s also DLNA Ready meaning you can stream music, video and photographs from your PC and browse them all with the built in ‘Gracenote’ technology. Both these are very useful features to help make your system as future proof as possible and if not already installed will be available via a software update which you can download directly, or copy to the device using the built in USB ports. The other wireless option is the S-Air ready rear speakers, which again requires an additional receiver and transmitter unit.

Sony BDV-E870 Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemAnother reason why the Sony BDV-E870 will make a good entertainment hub is with the connection options – we’ve got a USB socket on the front and rear and also HDMI and Component video out and optical inputs on the rear so you can connect video cameras, games consoles etc, and enjoy then all through the system. Connect your MP3 player to the system and the music will be ‘improved’ with the portable music enhancer, and the 20 preset RDS tuner completes the package.

Of course the Sony BDV-E870 is first and foremost a home cinema system and therefore it is pleasing to see that the system gets full DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD support, and offers 1080p upscaling so you can enjoy Blu-ray and standard DVDs to their full benefit.

You can also upgrade this to a 7.1 system with the optional Sony WAHT-SBP2 wireless speaker kit.

What to consider before you buy the Sony BDV E870 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The wireless dongle would have been a nice inclusion in the package, but if you don’t need or want it, at least you aren’t paying for it.

Why you should buy the Sony BDVE870 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Another awesome looking home cinema system from Sony, the BDV-E870, with its taller front speakers provides that little bit extra over the 370, which is pretty much everything you’ll need ina Blu-ray system now and in the future. Rating: 4.5/5

Sony BDV-E870 Compare Prices

Large image of Sony BDV-E870 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

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4 Comments to “Sony BDV-E870 Blu-ray Home Cinema System”

Jenny on December 16, 2010 said:

Can you please let me know if I can buy speaker stands for the rear speakers for this Sony BDV-E870 system.

Many thanks

Home Cinema Buyer on December 20, 2010 said:

Hi Jenny,

Many places will do them – try for a start.

leslin on December 27, 2010 said:

would like to know whether it’s multi region?

cheryle on November 6, 2011 said:

Is it possible to link up 2 of these units together so we can listen to music and such from one unit to the other????

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