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Panasonic SC-PT470 DVD Home Cinema System

The Panasonic SC-PT470 is powerful, good value home cinema system with an integrated iPod dock that will be the hub of your home cinema and audio system.

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Image of Panasonic SC-PT470 DVD Home Cinema System

Panasonic SC-PT470 DVD Home Cinema System

by on August 24th, 2009 | Comment | Share

The Panasonic SC-PT470 is a mid-range home cinema system which not only boasts increased power over the entry level Panasonic ST-PT170, but also an integrated iPod dock.

Aesthetically, the SC-PT470 is very neat – with tidy looking speakers, and a clean uncluttered DVD Player/Amplifier unit giving the whole system a classy but subtle look – one that will integrate well into many different room environments.

Panasonic SC-PT470 Home Cinema SystemWhilst the looks of the system may be quite different to the PT170, the PT470 does share a number of similarities. The speakers are very similar, and both units have the 6.5cm 1-way speaker unit made from Bamboo Cone which has been used to help deliver a clear and powerful sound. The main difference though is that the SC-PT470 has almost three times the power going into these speakers to help the system sound much more purposeful. The all important sub-woofer gets a massive boost with nearly four times the power supplying the 16cm (12cm on the PT170) speaker to add some serious beef to the system. It also comes with the ‘Smart Setup’ system where you position the supplied microphone in your room, run the set up program and let the system set itself up – easy!

The DVD player is capable of upconverting to 1080p to really help get the most from your existing DVD’s and if you have an additional Blu-ray player, you can use this through the home cinema system too. Simply plug in your Blu-ray player to the television, and connect an optical audio out cable to the amplifier. Panasonic have put much effort into integrating their components and owners of Panasonic televisions will get the full benefit of the Viera link with the onscreen menus available, as well as the new auto power off function to help save power.

The main selling point with the SC-PT470 though is the integrated iPod dock. Unlike the similar Sony DAV-DZ280, Panasonic have made the iPod dock an integral part of the player – there are no separate docks involved here. Not only can the iPod be controlled from the remote control and from the on-screen menus, it will also get re-charged when it is docked. Whilst iPod owners will be pleased with this neat solution, owners of other portable music players might be less impressed at having a redundant dock. Luckily though it does slide in when not in use so at least it won’t be visible and there is a USB socket is supplied on the front instead.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SC-PT470

Whilst most connectivity scenarios will be covered, we would have liked to have seen an additional HDMI socket so an additional source could be added.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SC-PT470 DVD Home Cinema System

This is a powerful system for the money and the integrated iPod dock make it a neat solution to your home cinema and audio requirements. Rating: 4.5/5

Panasonic SC-PT470 Best Prices

Read the full technical specs on the Panasonic website.

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9 Comments to “Panasonic SC-PT470 DVD Home Cinema System”

Craig on September 3, 2009 said:

Be careful, it doesn’t accept DTS optical signal (which is used more on Blu-ray now), but only accepts Dolby Digital. I have the 467 which has the same limitation…

DTS is available through the internal DVD player.

kerry on November 13, 2009 said:

does anyone know,will i get dolby 5.1 surround sound from my tv if i take an optical cable from my tv into this system?

Home Cinema Buyer on November 24, 2009 said:

If your TV can output Dolby Digital then yes, otherwise it will be Dolby Pro Logic II.

Tom on December 14, 2009 said:

Have found similar problem is not accepting optical sound from my media player, what kind of surround sound system doesn’t allow dts over optical the preferred choice for sending sound. I now have a useless bit of kit. Thanks Panasonic

Peter on January 2, 2010 said:

When my panasonic blu ray (audio) is connected through the optical digital connection and the HDMI audio switched off – there is no audio sound when dvd is played. Strangely the build up to the main movie is OK sound wise but as soon as the movie is played no audio!!
Does anyone know why??

Bill on January 3, 2010 said:

I am made up with the system in general, (the sound output is crystal clear) but I am disappointed with the USB connectivity, I have been unable to get it to recognise any memory sticks or my external hard drive.

Home Cinema Buyer on January 4, 2010 said:

It is a common complaint with this system, and hopefully Panasonic will resolve with the next model. You will still be able to use Dolby Digital though, which in most cases is pretty near to DTS quality.

jay dello on March 25, 2010 said:

just got this system and watched a dvd with my 42″ panasonic tv i’ve just got and it is amazing. Still trying to play with all settings and position rear speakers perfect. I upgraded from LG aswell i love it so far

MJS1982 on September 16, 2011 said:

I have the SC-PT470 and I have been trying for months now to track down a spare integrated iPod dock because mine has become damaged. Short of buying a completely new player, can any one please suggest where I might be able to get such a part, or advise me on the part number (I have already checked the Operating Manual and cannot see the number in there)?

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