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Discover Home Cinema

...and bring entertainment home

It's easier and cheaper than you think to start enjoying the home cinema experience.

Our getting started guide will help you make the right choices so you can discover the pleasure a surround sound system can bring.

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Home Cinema Systems

If you want great looks, and the ultimate convenience, then an all in one system is what you need.

As well as being quick and easy to set up, the latest high-definition systems are great value too, so it’s not hard to see why so many people choose them for their home entertainment needs.

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Surround Sound Separates

If you have a surround sound system already and looking to upgrade, or you want to add a 5.1 speaker package and an amplifier to your existing Blu-ray or DVD player, our upgrade page will help.

Simply select your current system and what you want to upgrade to, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Easy upgrading guide »

Why we love home cinema, and why you will too…

It goes without saying that we love the home entertainment experience, but too many people still aren’t enjoying the pleasure it can bring.

Home cinema isn’t just about massive screens and dedicated rooms – everyone can add surround sound, no matter what the room size or budget.

The main reason we’re here is to steer you through all the jargon and help you make the right choice no matter how much or little you want to spend.

If we can tempt one person, couple, or family into really enjoying their film watching experience and making the most of their quality time together, we’ll be happy!

  • The full high-definition experience
    The latest systems bring pin sharp video, and crystal clear audio for the real wow factor!
  • Enjoy the thrilling experience
    A great film excites, enthrals and educates – make the most of your quality time together.
  • Great value and money-saving!
    Even over just a year you could easily save more than you’ve spent on your system.
  • The right system for you
    Whether you want to get set up quickly, or want full flexibility, there is a system that’ll be just right for your needs and budget.
Image of couple enjoying home cinema

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  • Need help? Need to know the difference between 2.1 an 5.1, or the advantages of DTS-HD Master over standard DTS - then our help centre is the place to go. As well as useful buyers guides there are pages that try and demystify the often hard to understand world of home theatre and surround sound.